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The case for reparations to descendants of enslaved people is quite simple: African-Americans were forcibly taken from their homes in Africa, enslaved and forced to work for white Americans for over 250 years in abysmal conditions with no remuneration. The “40 acres and a mule” promised to each Black family upon emancipation was never delivered.  Even after emancipation, practices such as sharecropping and enactment of Jim Crow laws ensured that African Americans were economically hamstrung, effectively barred from participating in the American Dream. These practices continue to this day, evolving with the times.

The U.S. made reparations to Japanese-Americans who were incarcerated in U.S. camps during WWII.

Germany made reparations to holocaust survivors and Israel after WWII as payment for the holocaust.

It’s time.


Reparative Grant Cycle Questions

In 2024, we will have one reparative grant cycle benefitting Black-led 501c3s, through our fund at The Denver Foundation.

The Fall cycle opens in August 2024 and closes mid-September 2024

DBRC will also provide direct grants to businesses, projects and individuals in the future.