Grant Eligibility Overview

When Reparations Circle Denver created the Fund for Reparations at The Denver Foundation, a panel of local African Americans was created and empowered to independently make decisions about how reparation funds would be distributed to eligible grant recipients. The panel later became the Denver Black Reparations Council, Inc. (DBRC). A joint agreement with The Denver Foundation and the DBRC identified that applications for funding involving both groups will be awarded to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations serving Denver’s Black community.

The DBRC recognizes that many of the applicants for Black reparations are grassroots organizations or community activists/advocates who are not 501(c)3 organizations. Therefore, Black businesses, individuals, and groups meeting its eligibility requirements and guidelines, can apply directly to this second funding source.

Thus, DBRC manages two funding sources.

To seek a grant for a Black-serving organization that is currently a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, click this box to see more details about DBRC and The Denver Foundation reparations and eligibility requirements.

If you are seeking a grant for a Black business, an individual, or a group that is not tax exempt, click this box to see more details on what DBRC funds and eligibility requirements.