Mission of DBRC

The mission of the Denver Black Reparations Council

The mission of the Denver Black Reparations Council (DBRC) is to provide grants that are focused on rebuilding the institutions, religions, languages, and traditions within the Black Community of Denver and Colorado that were destroyed during the enslavement of African and African descendant people. The scope includes the repair of Black institutions that were wrecked and harmed post-slavery by Jim Crow, segregation, red lining, gentrification, mass incarceration, and violence on Black bodies. As a consequence, many institutions were prevented from coming into existence.

We provide oversight to Reparations Circle Denver’s Reparations Fund housed at The Denver Foundation and to donations made directly to DBRC. Grants are available to a wide range of Black entrepreneurial ventures such as small businesses, artistic and creative projects, nonprofit organizations, and community-oriented projects.

The Adinkra symbol used in our logo is called “Boa Me Na Me Mmoa Wo.” It means “Help me and let me help you,” which is the symbol of cooperation and interdependence. This represents the spirit of the DBRC approach.